WordPress Hosting: What Are The Best Companies To Offer?

WordPress Hosting: What Are The Best Companies To Offer?

WordPress Hosting: What Are The Best Companies To Offer?

Before we start, we have to clarify that even in WordPress hosting, there are two types that you will find mostly in companies. a type called “WordPress Hosting”. and the other with a word that means that they manage the hosting like Managed WordPress Hosting. and there is a huge difference between the two types!  Before we know it, we have to know what “Wordpress Hosting” means.

What is wordpress hosting?

Almost all global hosting sites offer WordPress hosting services. which is simply a regular website hosting (such as the one we learned about in the hosting articles). but it is more dedicated to working on the WordPress system only, and it varies according to the type of hosting itself and what features it offers.

For example, there are hosting companies that provide you with WordPress hosting services in its basic (simple) form. which is shared hosting with the WordPress system ready to use directly. there are companies that offer hosting with bigger and better features to manage WordPress sites professionally.

Let's go back now before we expand on our question:

What is the difference between a regular WordPress hosting and a specialized WordPress hosting?

The first type is simply ordinary shared hosting, but they automatically installed WordPress on it when you purchased the hosting. with some other things. but they do not control your site in terms of updates or the ability to add a site for development and staging before it is officially launched on the site, and so on.

Specialized WordPress Hosting is usually much more expensive than regular hosting. For example. DreamHost has regular hosting (shared or WordPress hosting) at $ 2.5 per month. in contrast, their specialized WordPress hosting starts from $ 12 per month. as we will see shortly in the comparison between the best WordPress hosting  .

Therefore, you should pay attention to the type of hosting when purchasing. You can find a site that announces that WordPress hosting costs $3. and it is actually a normal hosting as we mentioned in our previous article. and the WordPress system can be downloaded on it, of course, and always remember that specialized WordPress hosting is usually named  Managed WordPress Hosting, and their prices are higher than regular hosting. 

Note: Some sites such as SiteGround offer WordPress hosting at the same price as shared hosting. which is a question mark frankly. how is the price of regular hosting that they do not manage like the price of hosting that requires special specifications and follow-up and periodic update?

The answer is simple. Hosting WordPress at SiteGround for example (even the managed one) means nothing but that you can update the site and add-ons automatically. Auto Updates is nothing more!

Therefore, you will notice that some sites “gimmick” by saying that this is WordPress hosting. and it is actually a normal hosting and WordPress is ready and nothing more.  Very, but it is not enough on its own. You should read the details of the hosting plan to see if they will manage the system on your site. follow updates, and plugins compatibility with each new update. and whether they will provide staging and backup services, for example, or not.

Before we talk about these differences, it must be emphasized that all types of hosting support WordPress. whether shared or of course specialized.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting. 

WordPress hosting featureshe speed. 

In general, WordPress hosts are faster than regular hosts, because the servers and operating systems enabled on them are set up to run only one site management system. and this is of course different from a server that is set up to receive all kinds of systems. or even site files that have been written programmatically, these dedicated servers.  It has been fully modified to be compatible with the WordPress platform, so if you are interested in speed a lot. and your budget is somewhat comfortable. you should consider specialized/managed WordPress hosting from your hosting company.


WordPress hosting is more secure than regular hosting. as it is managed by specialists working to develop and protect servers from potential attacks. Of course, regular hosting has a good degree of protection. but since it accepts all types of systems, the possibility of attacking it is wider and its entrances are also. so WordPress hosting as it works on  Only one system, can be considered the highest security site.

Manage updates for WordPress and its plugins

In the CMS article, we talked about the fact that the WordPress system is constantly updated. and there are new versions that are donloaded periodically (see all versions and versions here). and also that the system tells you if the template used and the plugins are also compatible with the new version or not.

In WordPress hosting, these matters will not be your responsibility. the company will do it for you. whenever an update is issued, the site will be studied and whether it is fully compatible with the latest version or not. and accordingly, the specialists will update your site or wait until all plugins are modified  and Template. 

WordPress technical support

Professional Technical Support

On the biography of experts, if you have previous experience in dealing with technical support officials on the sites. then most likely you have encountered problems that the other party is not familiar with an advanced degree in the subject. he can help you with the basic matters, but if the subject requires something advanced. he can refer you to a degree  Above it, this problem does not exist in WordPress hosting. as you will most likely deal with specialists who have nothing in life but to work on WordPress systems. templates, and plugins.

Get paid wordpress templates

How about getting premium WordPress themes when you sign up for WordPress hosting?  Yes, some companies allow you to use some of the paid themes. either by giving you credit on theme sites like ThemeForest or TemplateMonster. or choosing from several custom WordPress themes like available on the official WordPress site here.

Conclusion, if your business depends on the stability. speed and readiness of your website. you should seriously consider a specialized Managed Hosting, yes, its price is a bit high. it starts at $15 per month, and reaches $30 and more (for basic and not advanced types), but it is worth it.  And if it wasn't for it. it wouldn't be three times more expensive than regular hosting.

WordPress Hosting: What Are The Best Companies To Offer?

Best Basic / Specialized WordPress Hosting Companies

We mentioned above that there are two types of WordPress hosting. the basic (comes with WordPress installed and ready to use). and the managed one that comes fully managed by the hosting company for your sites. and contains a Staging website and other features as well.

We will learn about the most important companies that provide WordPress hosting services. whether regular or specialized Managed (and we will explain this when comparing, of course). but what you need to pay attention to are the details of each of the plans. and are they exactly what you need?  Should you need any assistance. you can contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

1. WPEngine

This company is for those who have a high budget. and do not want to enter the world of cheap hosting and support problems, but everything is at its price. Monthly hosting on the site costs $29, which means $350 annually. What distinguishes the site as you can see from its name is that it specializes only in WordPress  And its hosting. All hosting of this website comes with a free SSL certificate. (Learn more about the certificate here).

The company does not target start-up sites in general. and does not enter itself in comparison with other companies that provide WordPress hosting. so its prices are somewhat higher than its competitors and the company has not reduced them for a long time to compete with other companies.

  • Host name: Personal
  • WP downloads: 1
  • Free Domain: No
  • Space: 10 GB
  • Capacity: 25,000 visits
  • Technical support: chat and call
  • Price: $29 per month

 2. BlueHost

The world-famous site in the field of shared hosting, and we reviewed it with a detailed article to explain everything about Bluehost and how to buy hosting from it, and also get a hidden discount if you want to buy shared hosting.

Bluehost offers standard WordPress hosting (i.e. shared hosting and comes with WordPress automatically installed), and they also have Managed WordPress hosting, but it's a bit overpriced!

Shared WordPress hosting starts at less than $3 per month, but specialized WordPress hosting starts at $20 per month!

It is worth noting that the WordPress system has been recommending Bluehost hosting for more than 15 years, and places it as the number one ranking on the hosting recommendations page, as you can see in the following picture:

bluehost wordpress hosting.

  •  Hosting Name: Wp Standard. 
  • WP Download Times: Unlimited. 
  • Free Domain: Yes. 
  • Space: 30 GB. 
  • Capacity: 50,000 visits*. 
  • Technical support: monthly Call. 
  • Price: $19.95 per month. 

 * It is funny that the Bluehost website was mentioning the approximate number of visits that the hosting bears with 100 million visits. Yes, this is not a spelling mistake, but this is what the site mentioned in the past, and for the record, this number needs several servers, and a very high internet speed to bear approximately 2314 visitors each  minute!  Companies with this amount of traffic pay thousands per month to keep their sites running.

 3. DreamHost

Previously, DreamHost offered only one WordPress package, which is DreamPress, but the company has developed specialized hosting services for them, and there are several types of hosting, whether for shared or specialized WordPress hosting.

The old package was weird, there was no information about its features or anything, they just assure you that your site will work perfectly on it!  Whether it was an amateur site or a site with millions of visits, there was no clarification.

Now the company's services have developed very dramatically, and you will find there are two shared WordPress hosting plans, as the company is called, starting at $2.5 for the lowest type, which we highly recommend to anyone who wants to build a single site and using the WordPress system.

There are also 3 plans for Managed WordPress hosting called DreamPress and their prices start at $12 per month. 

In general, the prices of WordPress hosting at Dreamhost are very acceptable, and even excellent in the case of shared hosting as well.  With annual hosting, you get a free domain, and many other special things,

To visit the Dream Host website and choose the hosting that suits you, you can do so from here.

 Dream Host

At the moment, we will not expand in this article to mention other companies, because most hosting companies in the world provide WordPress hosting services, and it is only shared hosting with WordPress ready and installed.

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