The best professional editing applications that support iPhone and Android

The best professional editing applications that support iPhone and Android

The best montage applications Many phone
 users are looking to design their photos or clips and are looking for free applications, and there are many people who love editing photos and videos, in other words making sound effects, merging photos or designing thumbnails.

 The best montage apps for Android phones and design thumbnails.  There are a lot of Android phone users looking for professional editing apps.  It is the best professional editing applications that support iPhone and Android.

 We have popular apps that are used by most of those who have YouTube channels.

 In the same formulation, the ease of design within it is an advantage in itself, especially for those who only own the phone.

 And the phone now replaces the second devices in our time, because it is advanced in our time and has everything you need.

 And these apps in particular are very popular.  They rely on it to design professional thumbnails for their topics.

 And let me clarify, in fact, most of them use the KineMister application on the phone, and its use is very easy, you do not need to make effort or difficulty in using.

 Didn't you ask yourself how to make the subscription chrome pop up from the bottom of the screen to the top.

 You can also make a professional video only from this program for beginners and the applications are free.  And if you want more features inside the app, buy an in-app purchase.

The best professional editing applications that support iPhone and Android

 Most of all, it is very popular in Google Play, and in the App Store there are many montage programs, but the article focuses on the most famous applications.

 Through these applications, you can do everything that comes to your mind in these programs, such as merging images, cropping images, or cropping the background.

 Or merging images with video, designing animations, and adding music.

 And Chrome works the subscribe button if you have a YouTube channel.

 For example, like the famous years, they work the subscribe button inside the video and do not need a super device only through the phone.

 The number of downloads for montage applications in Google Play only.

  1.  Kinemaster app 100 million downloads.
  2.  100 million downloads of the InShot app.
  3.  500 million picsart app downloads.
  4.  100 million canva app downloads.

 The best professional editing applications that support iPhone and Android, and what are their advantages.

 KineMaster app features

 Video editing and clip montage design.

 Crop the parts you don't want and add any part you want.

 All formats are in the video.

 Video speed you can control.

 Write titles and text on the video.

 To make the video professional, there are a lot of visual and sound effects.

 Color accuracy and brightness.

 Support for Arabic and English fonts.

 Lots of editing tools inside the app.

 Very easy to montage.

 In addition, make a logo for your page or channel.

 picsart app features

  •  Make a thumbnail for youtube clips.
  •  Design a thumbnail for your site's themes.
  •  Professional photo editing.
  •  Add stickers to photos.
  •  Crop image background.
  •  Lots of editing tools.
  •  Image import options.
  •  Professional filters.

 InShot App Features

 Moreover, you can modify the video or image and make it suitable for social networking applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

 Video editing and clip montage design.

 Video speed you can control.

 Likewise, write titles and text on video.

 For example, you can remove the watermark after watching the ad.

 As well as the multiplicity of Arabic and English fonts.

 Moreover, after editing the video, you can remove the watermark by following an ad video that does not exceed 10 seconds.

 canva app features

 Logo design.

 Lots of device templates.

 The colors are very atmospheric.

 The ability to modify the template.

 Add stickers.

 Designer of electronic invitations such as holidays or weddings and many other occasions.

 Quick design feature (template search)

 Disadvantages of some editing applications

 For example some applications do not support removing the watermark after design.

 In conclusion, the applications are available in the Google Play Store, and the App Store

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