How to solve the problem of banning Instagram live

How to solve the problem of banning Instagram live

How to solve the problem of banning Instagram live. 

How to solve the problem of blocking  Instagram Live?  And what are its reasons?  It is considered a kind of annoying problem that Instagram users face, and that it cannot reach a solution to, and through the MR famrix website, we learn how to get rid of it in detail.

Solving the problem of banning Instagram Live. 

There are several steps that can be taken to solve this problem, which we discuss below:

1- Switch to mobile data. 

 This is one of the most important steps:

  • If Instagram has blocked your account, block the IP.
  • You must switch to your mobile data and prevent the use of WIFI until the ban is stopped.

2- Reduce the activity on the account. 

 This solves the problem where:

  • Stopping comments and likes on photos helps to avoid extending the duration of the live ban.
  • Avoid any of the apps that increase followers, as they cause you to get banned.

3- Inform the Instagram administration about the ban. 

In this way, we follow the following steps to report a problem with the account:

  1. Log in to your profile and click on the 3 lines at the top of the page.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Clicking on the HELP button.
  6. Write the problem you are facing in its own field and work on clarifying it.
  7. After you finish writing the message, put your name and press send.

Reasons for blocking Instagram. 

After learning how to solve the problem of banning Instagram, please note that there are many reasons that may cause Instagram to be banned, as follows:

  • Like a lot of photos in a short period of time.
  • Use of frequent commentary in many posts.
  • Use third-party apps to increase your follower count.
  •  Because of the broadcast content that is provided (violence, politics, bloody scenes, stealing content from other people) and its contradiction with the application policy.
  • The many reports that are submitted on the live.

how to avoid ban on instagram live. 

There are some tips that can be followed to avoid being banned on Instagram Live, which are:

  • Reducing the use of programs to increase followers and likes that may lead to the final closure of the account.
  • Try to reduce the number of likes or comments that are made.
  • Fill in all your data on the profile, so that it is not deleted or exposed to a block until your data is completed.

After learning how to solve the problem of banning Live Instagram, it is necessary to avoid any of the factors that may cause exposure to ban or suspension of the account for a period of time.

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