How to top search results and improve your YouTube channel SEO

How to top search results and improve your YouTube channel SEO

How to top search results and improve your YouTube channel SEO

remove backgroundthere are many important applications for everyone who has a YouTube channel that helps you manage your YouTube channel to lead the search results, and how to lead the search results on YouTube. The best professional editing applications

How to top search results and improve your YouTube channel SEO

Knowing what they use the channels that compete with you, what they use of strong keywords, and knowing whether you can compete through the topics you target and whether the topic you target can compete with or not.

As well as knowing the best channels that use keywords, as well as analyzing your channel through the phone.

Like looking for signs that you can top through.  In the same formulations inform you of the power of your SEO

And what do you need to improve your channel.

The number of downloads of applications in Google Play.

  1. Very important YouTube Studio application
  2. 100 million downloads.
  3. tubebuddy app has one million downloads.
  4. 500 thousand download vidiq app
  5. tag you One Million.

Features of applications to produce search results and improve your YouTube channel SEO

 1.Youtube studio app.

  • You can analyze your channel what you need to make it better.
  • As well as knowing the number of subscribers and also hiding the number of subscribers if you do not want anyone to see it.
  • In the same context, find out what is more searched in your channel.
  • Knowing the names of the new subscribers.  As well as knowing what are your best videos on the channel.
  • And analyze the search results, how to watch the video, is it through Google search, WhatsApp, Twitter or other social media platforms.

2. Tubebuddy features and how to rank SEO search results.

It is an indicator for analyzing your channel. Is it going up or down? The YouTube application needs no introduction. 

It specializes in SEO, issues search results, and improves your channel. It tells you what to write to me. It issues search results on YouTube.

Through the tubebuddy tool, you can add it in Google Chrome extensions through your laptop and watch the analysis of your channel as well as the channel of competitors.

Find out if your keywords are in search results or not, as well as analyze competing channels in the same specialty as your channel.


And what do you need me to top the search results.

Through it, you can find out what competitors write for your channel from keywords.

And also what do you need to improve your YouTube channel.

3.Features of vidiq application to lead search results and improve your YouTube channel SEO.

  • The vidiq app or tool is very similar to the tubebuddy tool.
  • It tells you what you need to top the search results Knowing what is happening Competitors write in their keywords (tags) By searching within this tool, you type the word you want to target with
  • Then this tool collects for you the most searched keywords.
  • You can add this tool in the Google Chrome browser on your laptop, and watch the analysis of your channel, as well as analyze the opponents’ channel to top the search results.
  • The ability to limit the content that you can rank with using real-time keyword search volume.
  • An insight into how many other channels are posting content around these same keywords.
  • Top videos about a particular keyword with the highest views, as well as average views and subscribers.
  • Access to machine learning from vidIQ to easily find new ideas on relevant keywords that have higher search volumes but lower competition from other content creators.
  • And also confirm the ranking of the top channels for the search term you're interested in, and all of their popular videos for your next video inspiration.
  • Discover similar channels you are doing to get views and subscribers.
  • Learn popular videos of similar channels and track the trend before it's too late Revealing the best times and days to post creates a higher probability of being recommended by YouTube.
  • Find the best channels your subscribers are watching and use insights from the tools to understand what they're doing to attract similar subscribers.
  • Find out what topics and channels your subscribers are watching with YouTube Studio Statistics. 

4. Features of the tag you application to improve your channel.

Tag U application is one of the easiest applications to deal with your YouTube channel.

For example you have a person at the top of the search results.

And you want to copy what he wrote from the keywords to be one of the suggested clips in the same leading video.

Just put the link to the channel that leads the search results and copy the words.

Provided that the clip you have more minutes than the clip leading the search results in order to be suggested to him and can top the search results.

To be clear, tubebuddy and vidiq app or tool has many, many features, some of which are not free.  

In conclusion, these applications or tools are very important for everyone who has a YouTube channel, and these tools and applications make some of the secrets of YouTube search results.

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